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Thursday 9th July 2015

So it’s now really getting towards silly season in the transfer market. The papers are getting all excited about Wimbledon and the Ashes taking place but the main talk in each of them seems to be the utterly made-up rumours around players being sold from one club to another. Some papers especially seem to be distraught that we haven’t simply given James McCarthy or John Stones to Spurs or Chelsea, as if it’s our duty to do so!

Personally I stopped worrying about this sort of stuff a long time ago. Probably around the time that Sky started pumping all that money into the game meaning that that ‘Sky 4’ could seemingly pluck our players away at random when they felt like it.

Makes you wonder how things will be in the future though – Sky and BT Sports money entering the game means that clubs will make an extra £100m just for being the Premier League next season. Does that mean that players will get less choice in terms of leaving clubs unless they effectively go on strike (Sterling – arf!) and that things will calm down a bit? Will players be placed on 10-year contracts to protect themselves from ‘megabids’ from those at the top of the league? Could be interesting.

Wouldn’t you just love a level playing field amongst clubs who attract the best players based on the way they play, the manager they have and the possibility of winning things as opposed to it all being one massive auction involving those in the Champions League short-term? Nah, I can’t see it either…


Monday 18th May 2015

Blimey, I’m getting a lot of hits on my site after getting verified by NewsNow! I promise to update this bit on a regular basis from now on, honest!

In the meantime if you have any ideas for articles (and want to post any yourself) just let me know.



Tuesday 6th January 2015

Oh dear. Since I last wrote a piece things haven’t got a whole lot better have they? In fact things have gotten worse, with bad form, poor tactics and even whether players are playing for the manager being called into question.

I’ve written articles on the season so far and tried to give some insight into what has gone wrong, but either way it leaves us with some basic facts. One of them being that we are going to finish mid-table at best. Let’s face it, we’ll scuff some results to stay as far away from the relegation places and associated betting as we can, but be nowhere near the Europa places for example.

Which means one thing. The cups. We are still doing okay in the Europa despite our league form and have a real chance to progress against Young Boys next month. We also have the FA Cup game tonight v West Ham.

We need a big/ballsy/lucky win tonight and then an easy passage past Bristol City or Doncaster in the 4th round to keep our season alive. It won’t be easy, and I won’t say I’m particularly confident about even beating West Ham based on their/our form, but if we can get lucky against them as we did in the league it would be really important.

It’s at times like this that you miss Pip Neville and his rally cries. Then you remember that he was terrible most of the time and feel some relief. The only person trying to really gee up the Blues seems to be Tim Cahill from his penthouse in New York though! I admire Jagielka (as he actually really seems to ‘get’ the club) but he’s no motivating and inspiring ‘captain fantastic’ that’s for sure.

Come on Blues – help us out here. We need something!!


Thursday 6th November 2014

Has it really been three months since I wrote anything in the blog? Blimey! Well I’ve been writing plenty of posts so hopefully you’ll let me off.

Suppose I should reflect on our bad start and my concerns below and where we are now. To be honest the big change has been getting some of our players back, although things aren’t perfect at all, or even up to the standard of last season.

I’m currently watching us play Lille and play them off the park – hardly that difficult this season as Lille have won 1 in 10, but no matter. That’ll put us through to the next round of the Europa League and we are showing signs of being tired in the league because of our exploits so it’ll be interesting to see how we get on round Xmas when the games come thick and fast.

Getting Coleman and Barkley back has been huge though. It has allowed the team to play the best players in their best positions and given everyone a real boost, even if Barkley hasn’t been on top form. I get the feeling we’ll regret those points that we messed up at the start of the campaign though when looking to qualify for Europe again.

Ah, forget it. We’ll just win the Europa League and qualify for the Champions League. That okay?


Thursday 21st August 2014

So with the game coming up against Arsenal this weekend it leaves me reflecting on what could have been last season. We beat Arsenal 3-0 to potentially put fourth into our own hands but then messed up almost immediately by losing at home to Crystal Palace as the Gunners started to go on a winning streak.

Thing is, would we have actually signed that many more ‘superstar’ players by this point of the season? I would assume that actually we would have held off spending money like £28m on Lukaku until we knew we were in the group stages of the competition, and not being seeded that would have been very difficult indeed.

Maybe it was for the best longer-term not to be fourth last season but to tie all the young players down to big contracts, sign Lukaku and be ready for it next year?

Nah, what am I talking about? It would have been awesome…


Sunday 10th August 2014

So there is less than a week to go, and as you may have seen from my post concerning the SC Paderborn game in the Everton Pre-Season Round-Up where I suggested that I’m a little worried about next Saturday.

I’m afraid I haven’t really changed my mind on that one yet. Friendlies aren’t always pointless – especially if you are having a run of not winning games and no-one looks particularly fit or impressive.

It’s likely that Martinez will take his side into action without his Belgian World Cup stars and will start with Hibbert and perhaps the inconsistent McGeady amongst others.

I fear that Lestoh will be well up for the match and nick it 1-0 or 2-1. That might not mean much for everyone, but with two massive home games against a re-charged Arsenal and an efficient Chelsea after that we might be heading towards the end of the month without a win under our belts. That’s how panic sets in and confidence hits the floor.

We need something from next week’s game. Steven Naismith. You are our only hope…



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