Our EFC Partners

Here are just some of our recommended blogs that concentrate on Everton Football Club, or related sites.


First up, our friends at Toffeeweb, the fantastic Everton fan site visited by thousands each day – check them out on the Toffeeweb site if you’ve not had a chance as yet.

Everton Results

The Everton Results site is a fantastically detailed fan site that gives all the stats you need to know about the club. Want to know who has scored the most hat tricks for us? Get all the info here.

sbat.com – ‘Stats Bets And Tips’

sbat.com is a great site that gives stats for every football match and sporting event and betting opportunities for all based on their thoughts and recommendation.


E-Soccer: All the links to football clubs and any sites related to soccer in England, latest live news and more…

Football Blog Directory

The Football Blog Directory brings together all the best footballing blogs from around the globe.

Tournament Heaven

Tournament Heaven is a fantastic company that organize football tournaments for those bunches of mates that fancy a footballing challenge as well as a beer when going away on holidays. Great for short breaks such as stag do’s.

Premier League

Premierleague – this site, based in Iceland, gives all the Premier League news and the best site links available to you.

Enhanced Odds

EnhancedOdds4You.com gives all the latest enhanced odds for you, for all major sports but concentrating on football.

Everton Fan Site

The EvertonFanSite.co.uk is a similar blog to ours and has some really good articles that are well worth a read. These lads are friends of mine and really know their stuff.

Football Ground Guide Website

The Football Ground Guide website gives some fantastic information on any British football ground and club you can think of and is a fantastic source of information if you’re travelling to a game.

Lets All Do The Poznan!

A funny and informative fan site on Man City, Lets All Do The Poznan is a cracking read.

The Football Premiership

This site gives great updates and news for all Premier League team news – we find it great for Everton updates.

Supporters Summit

As it says – a chance to share info, news and views with other like-minded people in the Supporters Summit.

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