Everton v Chelsea: Time to upset Jose again!

Aah, the John Stones Derby as it’ll probably be known until he leaves in a cloud of money…

So this weekend sees an absolute cracker taking place at Saturday lunchtime as the mighty Everton take on struggling Chelsea (yes, I know we’re only one point ahead, but…).

Hopefully we can avenge the absolute mauling that they gave us last season when Fabregas and Costa took us apart in a 6-3 defeat. I was in Vegas at the time and saw the highlights in a casino on a massive screen. It’s fair to say that I assumed I was more drunk than I actually was and was seeing things.

So far this season there seems to be issues in the Chelsea camp, with the defence being slated and the attackers being hugely disappointing (if you work in the London media). This seems to make the Press believe that they are in a crisis, despite the fact that they have some of the best players in the World playing for them and recently bought Pedro from Barcelona who looks very good indeed. Courtois is a doubt which is nice but we’ll still have to test his replacement to see if he’s any good before assuming that this is any advantage to us.

In terms of the SuperToffees, Cleverley seems to be out for about 2 months which is a real blow. He’s been very good in midfield, hanging around on the left and helping whoever is picked as left back each week and it’ll be interesting to see what Martinez does. I imagine he’ll stick Mirallas out there to see if he can be bothered to run at people. Honestly, I barely noticed him against Spurs when he came on. Not good enough.

Elsewhere the TV cameras will be all over John Stones and analysing everything he does, poor kid. One big mistake and Jose will be seen to have been ‘right’ not to spend any more cash, despite the fact we’d have turned it down anyway. It’s a big day for him though and a real test against Costa and Pedro. Hopefully he and Jagielka can niggle Costa into another red card!

Big Rom should be feeling fit as he was criminally underused in Belgium’s matches over the weekend. At a time where the RS’ Benteke stank the place out they decided that the best thing to do would be to replace him with another RS striker who was just as bad. All the time Lukaku sat on the bench, probably spending his time thinking about how to destroy Chelsea at the weekend. Or secretly playing on his phone. Who knows.

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Aaron Lennon will probably get a game too which is great, and at left back it looks like Brendan Galloway should be fit. I’m just hoping he isn’t still out and that Mori Funes is entrusted with following Pedro round all afternoon. That would seem to be unfair…

So with all the hype surrounding the game I think we’d all expect us to grab at least a point, but Chelsea have not turned useless overnight and will be up for this match. I would expect perhaps for each side to be happy with a point and for Ivanovic to score first seeing as how everybody seems to be telling me just how badly he’s playing.

Thoughts all? COYB!!

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  1. Truth

    As a chelsea fan, I must admit I enjoyed reading your piece. Good piece, Well done bro. Keep it up!

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